Thai Visa

Student Visa Information

Students enrolled at Cornerstone Language School can obtain a student visa and stay in Thailand for as long as they study with us .

In order to obtain a student visa in Thailand, you need to enter the country on a non-immigrant visa. Some countries will allow you to apply for a student visa directly in your home country.

Tourist Visas cannot be changed into student visas inside the cuntry.

The school does not guarantee that you will get your student visa outside of Thailand, but going through the process in Thailand is guaranteed, providing you have all the necessary documents.

You must enter the country on a non-immigrant visa “ED,” issued by a Thai Embassy before obtaining a student visa within Thailand. C.C.C. are able to give you the necessary papers for this process.

If you have come to Thailand on a tourist visa, either issued by a Thai embassy, or the 30 day stamp you receive on arrival at the airport, you will have to leave the country to apply for a student visa. Singapore, Laos, or Penang Malaysia are options.

All official documents (except the passport) need to be certified by an Embassy of the country of origin. (Your own Embassy in Thailand.)

All photocopies must be signed by you to guarantee their authenticity.

Student Visa Conditions:
 The Student Visa will enable you to study in our program. Students must pay for hours in 200 hour increments, and those hours must be completed within the specified times, or they will be lost. “These hours are non-transferable and non-refundable.

  1. You must have a valid “ED” Visa stamped in your passport.
  2. You must be currently enrolled and studying 200 hrs/ year in our program.
  3. The student visa application process with us, must begin two months before your “ED” Visa expires.

 To obtain a student visa, you will need to bring your passport to enable us to begin the application process.

Tuition & Visa Extension Processing Fees:

The tuition fee for student visa.
Due to the extensive paper work and traveling required to submit all papers to the relevant government offices, the school charges a fee of Baht 5,000 per single student visa, to cover the application and processing of student visas. All dependents (couple, other family members) can be covered under one student visa, and the cost is Baht 7,000.

The visa fee does not include the immigration visa fee, which is currently:
 1,900 baht per visa, per person. A new student needs to pay 1,900 baht per person twice in the first 3 months student visa and more 9 months again 1,900 baht/ person, to extend it the validity before the visa expires.

Please be advised that after obtaining a student visa or work permit in Thailand, you are required to register with the immigration office every 90 days. Registration is free.

According to Thai government regulations for student visas, students are required to pay their student fees for the duration of the visa (1 year) in advance.

If a student ceases to study before the year is completed, they will need to obtain a “cancel visa letter” from the school, to inform immigration. They will need to bring their passport. (Prepaid student fees will NOT be reimbursed.)

According to Thai law, students living in Thailand on student visas are NOT permitted to work. A working visa (work permit) is necessary to be allowed to work in the country. Illegal work will lead to the cancellation of the student visa.